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Making the most of Fetch website embeds

There are so many ways to maximise what Fetch offers and really make the most of user-generated content; embedding your Fetch Feed on your website is one of them!

Whether you want to show off your company culture in an effort to entice new talent on your recruitment page, or display some of your favourite tweets from customers saying how much they love your company to drive sales on your shop, there is a use-case for every instance with Fetch.

Using website embeds:

Showcase company culture with employee advocacy.

There’s no better way to show off how great a company is than recommendations from employees themselves. Encourage your team to use a specific hashtag when talking about work on social media or Slack. You can use Fetch to aggregate this content and embed it on your ‘About Us’ website page or your ‘Vacancies’ page. If potential recruits see how much your employees love their job, it reinforces the idea that they will love it too!

Microsites for marketing campaigns. 

Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke campaign is one of the longest and most successful in the past few years. Run your own hashtag marketing campaign with Fetch and embed the results on your own microsite and start measuring your success.

Customers prefer recommendations from other customers.

93% of people consider user-generated content to be helpful when making a purchasing decision. Embedding a Fetch Feed on your product or prricing page can be the final push a customer needs to commit to their purchase—don’t underestimate customers influence over other customers.

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