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Collecting, sorting and picking a winner for your social competitions has never been so easy thanks to Fetch. Re-purpose all of your contest user-generated content in a bid to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

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Collecting user-generated content through contests

Tap into your fans competitive side by holding a social media competition. Pick one platform or spread it across them all to make sure you’re getting a wide range of user-generated content. Offer an incentive to encourage your audience to take part in exchange for pictures, videos or tweets.

Collect all of this content with Fetch, curate the very best and display the winner—or winners!—on your own customised social wall.

Running a competition:

Lay out the terms & conditions.

Let your audience know exactly what is going to happen with your social contest. Tell them how to enter, what kind of content they need to produce to for a valid submission and what they’ll be getting in return for winning!

Hype up your prize.

Make sure your fans know your competition is a two-way street; that they have the chance to receive your product or service in exchange for content. Promote your competition across all of your social channels and get people excited to take part.

Pick a winner with Fetch.

It’s so easy to collect content from a specific hashtag or social account with Fetch. Set up your contest to use a custom, unique hashtag and pull all of your submissions into the Fetch platform. Our powerful curation and moderation tools mean you can sort through the best content and pick a winner! Display all of the entries on your Feed and embed this on your website or microsite.

Monitor your competition entries in Fetch

Fetch has incredibly powerful curation and moderation tools, meaning you can specify the type of content you want to see and block spam or false entries easily. Sign up for a free trial and take a look what’s on offer.

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