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Driving physical sales and encouraging visitors to purchase your products is one of our strong points. The ability to add CTA’s to your earned and owned media broadens the scope for selling socially.

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Use your consumers to help sell your products

Potential customers are far more likely to make a purchasing decision based off the recommendations of family and friends or somebody that’s already bought your product. Take advantage of this trust by displaying social posts from consumers who already love your product at each marketing touchpoint.

Increasing trust, credibility and confidence in a brand is invaluable and entirely possible with Fetch. Utilise our social commerce features to begin driving sales, right now.

What Fetch does:

Promotes credibility for your brand.

Embedding a social wall of testimonials on your product page is the perfect solution for nurturing trust and confidence in your company and your product. Show potential sales why they should purchase your product with reviews and content from your fans.

Helps drive sales.

The ability to add a call-to-action button to every post that you pull into Fetch is invaluable for driving new sales. If a customer has posted a great review of your product on Instagram with a beautiful picture to go with it, make use of it! Share it on your own social wall and link your CTA to that specific product. It’s even better if you can find industry influencers to share your product, too.

Makes the process easier.

Since Fetch is contained inside a self-service platform, you don’t need to go hunting across social media for posts mentioning your brand. Connect your social accounts and hashtags and let the content come to you. Filter, curate and display in a few easy steps to see ROI immediately.

Sell more with Fetch

70% of consumers trust online peer recommendations and reviews rather than professional content and copy. Let Fetch help you collect those peer recommendations and start increasing your audience trust.

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