Using Fetch / Office Displays

Fetch is the perfect companion for your office. Display your latest news and announcements from LinkedIn or inject some humour into your day with a dedicated Slack display channel.

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Don’t leave social media at the office door

We live in a connected world, why should this stop at the office doors? Most people use social media day in, day out as part of their normal lives. Why not take advantage of your employees love of social media and intertwine a culture of employee advocacy into your company.

Using a specific company hashtag or dedicated Slack channel (yes, we have a Slack integration!) means your employees can share all of their best bits from the place they spend 8+ hours a day.

Fetch in the workplace:

Internal communications.

With the rise of platforms such as Slack, you have a platform full of content ripe for sharing throughout your office. Display important company news from your #announcements channel on your lobby screen so every employee is in the loop, all of the time.

Keeping departments connected. 

Larger companies can often struggle with keeping employees informed in what everybody else is doing. Are marketing doing an incredible campaign that everybody else should be involved in? Give each department a specific hashtag to use and display your Feed in communal areas to foster creativity and engagement.

Exciting office visitors.

We understand you’ll have clients, customers and leads come to see you from time to time, on these occasions wouldn’t it be great if you could have a Feed showing off all the great work you’ve been doing, what content your fans are sharing or your latest marketing campaign?! Yes, yes it would.

Display your Fetch Feed on any screen

It’s super easy to display Fetch on any screen. Whether you’re sharing via Chromecast or Airtame, hooking up via HDMI or visiting from a smart TV, we make sure Fetch looks great on any device.

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