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Bring your live events to life, increase engagement levels and ROI. Use Fetch to pull through your event hashtag from across multiple social channels and display it in one beautiful feed.

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Why user-generated content for live events?

There’s no denying that conferences, keynotes, gigs and trade shows are already social by nature, but a central hub of social content enhances the experience and adds an additional layer of conversation and interactivity for your attendees, all while reaching further than the 4 walls of your event.

Fetch offers the ability for your attendees to have their 15 minutes of fame up on the big screen, ask pre-moderated questions to your panelists and tell the world how great your event is!

What Fetch does:

Aggregates, curates and displays all of you event related earned and owned content.

Fetch lets you pull in content from your social media feeds or user-generated content using a #hashtag and then gives you the power to control what content people see. Choose the content through Fetch’s easy to use curation tool. Finally don’t be limited in where you want to display your content, turn any screen at your live event in to a display full of earned and owner content.

Increases engagement and ROI.

Use a dedicated hashtag to pull through user-generated content pre, during and post your event. Having this content displayed on screens throughout your event will encourage others to get involved, increasing engagement levels.

Powered by Analytics.

Uncover more insights after your event, from tracking engagement levels, delve into demographic, what channels had the largest engagement levels and what click-through rates did you experience. The difference with Fetch is you can do this without ever leaving the app. Our built in analytics platform.

Power your events with Fetch

Use our social walls to bring your event to life, aggregate your earned and owned content into one stunning display that can be featured on any screen or website in pre, during and post your event.

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