Using Fetch / Hashtag Campaigns

Hashtag campaigns are still one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience and spread your brand message. Use Fetch to make the most out of your content to drive leads and sales.

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What can Fetch offer for hashtag campaigns?

Running a multiple-platform hashtag campaign can be difficult. Collecting, moderating and managing all of the content and trying to understand your reach and engagement across different platforms has its challenges.

Fetch makes your life easier by allowing you to gather your cross-platform campaigns all in one place. Whether you’re running a campaign on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook—it doesn’t matter. Fetch will aggregate all of your content into a single stream that can then be embedded on any display screen or website.

Why hashtag campaigns?


What better way to increase engagement with you fans than by running a competition? By creating one #hashtag for your competition, you can run it across all of your social channels. When it comes to collecting all of your user-generated content, Fetch will do the hard work and let you pick the posts (or winners) you want to display as part of your social feed. 

Brand promotions.

As with competions, running a promotion using a specific, shareable hashtag across your social accounts is a great way to increase audience participation and engagement, as well as building brand awareness with the potential to reach new customers. 


Running a holiday-specific hashtag campaign for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Black Friday can be a great way to expand the reach of your brand and find new leads. Pull all of that campaign content into one stream with Fetch and embed it on any website or display. A custom campaign microsite offers a great opportunity to embed your Fetch Feed, blending together your earned and owned media in one place.

Run your hashtag campaign with Fetch

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