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You’ve pulled in all of your social profiles, but which ones do you choose to show? Our easy-to-use curation and filtering tools means that you can pick the richest & most engaging content that works for your brand.

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Fetch, Social Media and Content Aggregation in Action!

Curate the finest content.

Our powerful Curation tools allow you to choose what to show, and more importantly, what not to show on your Feed.

As simple as yes or no, you can control what content you want to publish in a single click. Use our Curation filters to auto-moderate, manage profanity and block specific words or phrases.


If you'd prefer not to manually curate your content, you can turn on auto-moderation in the Manage panel. You can activate Curation at any time to approve and reject posts, as normal.

Profanity Filter.

Make sure nothing untoward slips through the net. We have a pre-determined list of profanities that will be auto-blocked if activated. Keep your brand's social story profanity free!

Curation Filters.

Filter your aggregated social content to find exactly what you're looking for. Search by date, post type and channel to get the best for your Feed. Approve or reject in a single click.

Fetch, Social Media and Content Aggregation in Action!

Approve multiple posts in one go.

Use our multi-select tool to bulk curate more easily than ever before.

It allows you to select exactly what you're looking for at face value, when you need it. Approve or reject up to 200 posts at once.

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