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Fetch gives you more metric data at your fingertips than ever before. With our built in analytics you are now able dig deeper into your social campaigns, without having to leave the comfort of the Fetch platform.

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Fetch, Social Media and Content Aggregation in Action!

How will Analytics help my social campaign?

Working harder isn’t always the solution, sometimes we need to work smarter. Fetch’s Analytics provide you with useful, actionable data to allow you to make informed decisions on your campaign strategy.

Our analytics tools provide insight and information into the types of content thriving in your social campaign. Platform perfomance, content types and geolocations are just a few of the metrics on offer.

Monitor campaign performance

Easily review the effectiveness of any social campaign without ever leaving the Fetch app. You can gain key insights about the performance of your social campaign at the click of your mouse.

Measure across multiple channels

Seeing network breakdown is incredibly useful to identify which platforms are most effectively producing and distributing user-generated content relating to your industry and goals.

Measure engagement

Fetch’s powerful analytics provides a breakdown of the number of visitors, interactions and engagements with your Feed; giving you the chance to measure ROI for your social campaigns.

Fetch, Social Media and Content Aggregation in Action!

Make the most of Analytics

Analytics on the Fetch platform means that you can not only create stunning social displays or walls, but you can explore and identify the impact of user-generated content and what it’s done for you and your brand.

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