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Bring your live events to life, increase engagement levels and ROI. Use Fetch to pull through your event’s hashtag from across multiple social channels and display it in one stunning feed.

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Fetch, Social Media and Content Aggregation in Action!

Begin your story with Aggregation.

Every great social story begins with even greater content. You can get that content from yourself – or better yet – from your fans, consumers and brand advocates.

With over 12 social networks currently integrated with Fetch, you can source this user-generated content from anywhere. Utilise our tools for profile, hashtag and location search to get just what you need.


User-generated content.

Collect content from those who matter most. Your fans, customers and visitors provide invaluable content for you to use and promote your brand without additional advertising expense.


Brand-generated content.

Use your own brand's social content alongside that of your fans to positively promote yourself through your social story. Connect with over 15 social networks to pull your content into Fetch.


A single hub.

So you know you have this great content out there, what do you do with it? Pull it into Fetch, of course! Connect the channels you need and get them ready for curation in our app.

Fetch, Social Media and Content Aggregation in Action!

Not just your regular social profiles.

Of course we support Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. But that's not all.

Fetch allows you to connect things such as Spotify, Etsy and Soundcloud to promote your favourite tracks, playlists and handmade gifts!

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